One 2 One – a day of fun

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One 2 one - a day of fun

Last Sunday we once again left with two busses (10 residents, 10 volunteers and two drivers)  to Cape Town for the annual 'one 2 one' organized by the lovely people from The Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability. A big Thank you also to all the people who made it possible, the organizers, store holders and volunteers! It was, like every year again, an amazing day out for everybody, lot of games, nice snacks and so many prizes.

Barbara: I enjoyed the one to one. It was the best to my heart. Thank you very much.

Patrick: It was very exciting to go to Cape Town. I would like to go again but have to ask the co worker first if I can go. I had a nice time and enjoyed it.

Darren: I enjoyed myself. It was a nice birthday outing with lots of presents. I had the time of my life (House leader - Darren was over the moon).

Thuli: I had a good time and won a lot of sweets, chips, a soap and a cap. I'm very happy to have gone to Cape Town (she is still talking to everyone she meets).

Ann: It was nice to go with a group to one 2 one. We had to throw a ball at skittles, then they gave us the prize.

Pinkie: Yoo !!! Sihle chose the parcels at one to one for me. Ndsa yi funda English (I'm still learning English)

Thomas: I like my sweets and the toys. I had fun. I also got Sandwiches and cup cakes.

Sylvia: I enjoyed seeing the other people. I liked the games, throwing the ball into different shapes and hitting the golf ball. I also sat on a big scooter-bike.

Cedric: I really enjoyed the one 2 one and would love to go again.

A big THANK YOU from all of us At Camphill Village, we really appreciate your work. It truely is amazing!!!

Have a great day.