Getting Involved in the ONE to ONE Event

In the 38 years  of  ONE to ONE  being the communal initiative it has  proved  itself to be  an  important aspect  has been of  using  volunteers from the general  public  to act as “friends” to share the delights  of the fun fair  with the guests… people with an intellectual  disability. That sharing and caring experience has made a profound and positive effect on many over many years.  So much so that having  acted as “friends”:  and come away with great  appreciation and  humility that that role  has brought as  they  imparted that ethic  on their young families.  And thus today  many  involved at ONE to ONE   in many different roles, be it as  service  or social organisation member,  are  now joined by  their children  in this magical event and take great pride in witnessing  their  involvement . The  aspect of serving one’s community  thus is  being passed from  father to sun  or mother to daughter. It augurs well for  the future  of  ONE to ONE  in particular. But involvement is not  confined just within South Africa. There was  in the  2019 event an example, this  time with a family from overseas  how  being of the ONE to ONE family is  long lasting. Niels  a nursing sister now resident  of  Australia and ONE to ONE go back a long time.

Pauline Niels was involved  with this  magical communal initiative as  long ago as  1981.Then she was  one of  volunteer “friends”  who stepped  forward  to volunteer her time  in being a  “friend” at this  new , different, challenge that came the way of the community of Cape Town viz to be a friend to a person with an intellectual disability. Never  before had the community  been  invited to have  contact  with those with an  intellectual  disability. Pauline like many other Capetonians responded to the invitation extended in the print media.

And Niels this year had a hand in making the beautiful bean bags for the Newlands Lions Club that were give a-ways.  So once one gets involved….one stays involved !

ONE to ONE gives one the opportunity of a tangible commitment of assistance in a number of ways from which the rewards of satisfaction and  “feel good” feelings are real! It is not tokenism but sincere support and help.

The aspect of being a “friend” is  central to the philosophy of the project. Without “friends” there would be no ONE to ONE .

Sharing and caring are part of the very essence of the day's success!

One to One is a Public Spirited Event of Social Responsibility.

The challenge is therefore to corporate groups of Cape Town who champion social responsibility to be actively involved. Sponsorship can be a visible presence too. There is no reason whatsoever why corporates could not get involved in the same way as the ordinary people. A stall, emblazoned with corporate branding and manned by staff joining in the fun of the day will be tangible evidence of the social responsibility ethos. Take the challenge and join in!!

Your participation can take various forms:

  1. You can become a ”friend “
  2. You can become a stall holder with a lke-minded group of frineds or colleagues
  3. You can become a sponsor and support this public spirited and  magical initiative!

Whatever the form, the involvement takes is one’s own choice. That involvement really makes a difference in the lives of others less fortunate.

1) Becoming a "Friend"

If you would like to be a “friend” for this event, please get in touch. You get the opportunity to offer one-on-one guidance and friendship for a day or part of the day to someone less fortunate, while enjoying the event and the entertainment. Anyone older than 13 years and physically able to manage the caring responsibilities can volunteer. Without that individual present to share the enjoyment, the event won’t be the same.

Become a friend

2) Becoming a Stall Holder

You could choose to manage a games stall as a group of individuals, or an organisation, school or student body, or as a corporate group representing the organisation and thereby get exposure for this public spirited effort.

Become a stall holder

3) Becoming a Sponsor

You could choose as a public spirited individual or corporate body to be a sponsor to assist in covering the considerable costs in the organisation. Whilst the participating organisations pay a levy per stall, more funding is required, thus sponsors are invited to consider assisting.

Become a sponsor

This unique event has grown significantly over the years and we invite you to become part of the magic that is ONE to ONE!

For more information about us or to get involved, please get in touch.