Volunteer as a Friend

What is a “Friend”?
A friend refers to a volunteer member of the public who is prepared to give up a few hours of their time to share ( that time) with someone less fortunate in order that so that they can “have a ball“! This “twinning” experience will allow for a special kind of camaraderie that will (definitely) make a huge difference in the lives of the Intellectually Disabled as well as the volunteer “friend”.

The disabled exhibit a special kind of appreciation and tolerance which creates a genuine and sincere relationship with their “friends”. Even if it’s only for a few hours – this allows bond of friendship and allows the Intellectually Disabled to have a “friend of their own”. Having been a “friend” for a few hours leaves one with a positive attitude towards ones fellow man!

Practical Advice for the “friends”
If you volunteer as a friend, be sure to wear casual clothing and comfortable shoes. It is important that one should bring the minimum personal belongings along for security reasons.