It made me happy to make other people happy!

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When a girl came to throw a bean bag in the clowns mouth, her mother asked if she could have a flower necklace because all of KMAD kids were wearing them and I gave her one and she was so happy. She said thank you thank you and gave me so many kisses and hugs! Also I was painting someone's nails and a man with three fingers kept tapping me and I gave him a prize and he was so happy. It made me so happy to do something to put big smiles on some of their faces".

When I saw all the people walk into the stadium I felt a bit nervous at first but then I enjoyed myself so much and had so much fun. I felt so happy to see them so happy and at the end when i walked out all i saw was people with smiles on their faces.

Just to remind you, One to one is kind of like a market place for people that are mentally or physically challenged. In other words, it is a fair for people with special needs. We didn't do this for money as all the stall holders (like us) were just volunteers. I painted someones nails and I felt so sad because one of her hands only had three fingers. Being at One to One  made me realize how lucky I am and how important it is to be grateful for what we have. We are all healthy, so don's take it for granted.

It was an amazing experience. I met lots of different people and i always had a smile on my face and felt happy seeing them so happy. Hi Fiving people and giving prizes out was definitely one of my highlights.

It made me happy to make other people happy!