I first took part in the One-to-One day about 20 years ago

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I first took part in the One-to-One day about 20 years ago when I was in primary school. I still remember the emotions of that day and it’s a memory which still sticks in my head quite strongly. From a young boy all those years ago, I’ve now got my company involved in the day as I believe that it has such an important role to play for the special guests of the event, many of whom don’t have the everyday opportunities in life which people take for granted.

For our regular staff that participate in the One-to-One, it is not only a joyful day but also a most humbling experience. To feel the happiness and excitement of the guests when interacting with them is such a fulfilling feeling and giving of your time and energy is a small sacrifice when one considers the enormous value which you can give to the guests of the One-to-One. The day, after all, is about the guests and your interactions with them.

I’ve found that the energy and atmosphere of the One-to-One is unique, and it is most definitely electric. Over the course of the day, you’ll go through a whole range of emotions; you’ll laugh, maybe cry, be filled with happiness, empathy, humility. It’s a day where the human spirit gets to show off its best qualities and one that will always exceed expectations.

The One-to-One organiser, Albert Glass, calls it ‘the Magical Day’, and that’s exactly what it is for everyone involved.