Everyone was put on earth for a reason

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Everyone was put on earth for a reason. I was so sad but grateful for what I have. Most of these people were different and challenged but at the end of the day we are all human”

My thoughts of 1 to 1, it was really fun setting up the stand with KMAD and getting dressed up. Once the people arrived, I felt so excited and they looked so happy to see all the games and prizes at 1 to 1. There was one girl who arrived with a frown and when she got the ball in the clowns mouth, she left with a smile and a prize. There were so many people at times I felt claustrophobic. The people were so happy they gave us big hugs. It was hard for me at first to see people so different to me but then I realized that at the end of the day we are all the same. If I had a chance I would definitely do it again.

At first when I heard about it I was excited happy and it was new for me. When I saw people getting out of the cars, some with sad faces, I got a bit surprised by how some of them looked. I even felt a little scared. When we painted their faces it made them so happy. It is a great idea to have a special day like this because it makes so many people happy and gave me a chance to make others happy. I learnt we need more prizes next time.