I have attended One-to-One for the past three years

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I have attended One-to-One for the past three years and not only have I thoroughly enjoyed it every time, but the experience seems to be getting better and better.

On the 20th of August 2017, I was priviledged to be paired up with a lovely woman, Marquerite, and she is one of the most jovial and happy people that I have ever met. Throughout the day there was a lot of hugging and dancing and Marquerite made this experience truly unforgettable.

What I have observed from this day is that a lot of people that have a disability do not necessarily have as much access to fun and interactive events as people who do not have a disability. This makes events such as One-to-One all the more worth it and necessary.

This event was an eye opener in different aspects and an overall amazing experience. I am incredibly grateful to the organisers of One-to-One, the managers of Sunfield, my fellow Interactors, my teachers and Rotarians and Marquerite for making this day possible and enjoyable. I really hope to continue participating and contributing in the years to come.