Another year and another One to One

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Another year and another One to One – this magical day so  well organised by Albert Glass with every detail thought of and on the day all coming in to place.  An amazing job done by a fantastic person.

We, the ladies of the Glenwood Group of Glendale (which is a Home for Jewish Handicapped) have been part of this day called the One to One since its  inception approximately 40 years ago. Due to the diminishing numbers of our Group we have had to co-opt other ladies into the event who are very willing to help us. We have served hundreds of cups of coffee and tea and made over 100 loaves of sandwiches for all – volunteers and participants.  We have all been spiritually affected  by this  and are all keen to come back again to participate each and every year that we are able to.

We have found the experience uplifting and it has made us look into ourselves and our families and count our blessings – that we have healthy children and now most of us grandchildren.  We are all getting older and some of our grandchildren are helping out and being part of the One to One.  This is as it should be.  They all need to see that not everyone was so fortunate as to be born with good healthy minds and bodies  and able to lead fulfilled lives.

We wish all concerned good health and strength in the years to come.