It takes experiences like this to bring the reality of life home

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Sunday 20 August 2017 started as all Sunday's should, slow and laid back with a leisurely drive to Cape Town Stadium. That changed as the morning progressed.

Soon after 8am manual work started, first helping other stall holders erecting their stands and then assisting setting up Rotary Tygerberg's ice cream stand. Looked simple and easy to man such a stand.

Just after 10am the doors opened and the first contingent of physically and mentally handicapped clients arrived. The first ice cream cones very rapidly filled and even more rapidly handed out.

The rest was a blur, open ice cream tubs, load ice cream cones, fill cones with ice cream, hand to dispatch in fast speed. We were four makers, two servers and one helper and at times we could not keep pace.

On the odd occasion when I took a break and looked around, I was astounded to see the number of handicapped children that fill our world and the varying degrees of their disabilities. Their minders are very special and dedicated persons for whom I have great respect. I was emotionally dumb struck by what I was seeing and experiencing, tears welled up in my eyes as I let the experience fill my soul.

Twenty ice cream tubs, 1000 ice cream cones and as many ice creams and we were finished with our morning shift. A tear or two of mine fell on the odd ice cream for which I apologise.

It takes experiences like this to bring the reality of life home to those of us, that there are many others very less fortunate than ourselves in this world.

Two things stuck in my mind, the gratitude of the minders when you acknowledge then and handed them something as small as an ice cream to enjoy, and the stand manned or is that girl-ed by a group of very young girls full of spirit and enthusiasm interacting with their less fortunate fellow human beings

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.